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Transcending Arts


Transcending arts is our company drawn from Jaimeo Brown Transcendence and cofounded with Frumiesha Brown. After seeing a bigger picture of what Transcendence was, it became clear that Transcendence embodied many chambers that explores deeper into ART, HISTORY AND TECHNOLOGY.

Transcending arts incorporates music, quits, textile design, racial consulting programs, learning apps and so much more.


Cofounder Frumiesha Brown has gracefully hand crafted Transcending arts quilts and necklaces as well as textile prints to bring forth this art so beautifully.


Frumiesha Brown was born in Newark NJ. She studied Anthropology at William Paterson University in 2004. Her focus has been in culture, folklore, African American history and quilting. She is best known for her wall quilts and quilt necklaces. 

Inspired by African American history and the Gees Bend quilters, our quilts and designs are abstract and innovative to fit the time and echos the past. We've  developed a collective flare and a work of our own.

These tribal traditional African folk cultural icons and cultural abstracts will bring you closer to an anthropological experience. 

Our quilts are made for your modern day artist, activist, historians, and techs alike. They are designed to hang on your wall, but you can do many creative things with them, let your mind wonder with Transcendence! 

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