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"Jaimeo Brown Transcendence's Work Songs is one of the most exciting, experimental, and important albums set to drop this year.”



"What makes Transcendence's music so literally transcendent is how they build new sonic textures on top of these historic audio samples, effectively linking our present with our past. When the two things come together, their audio collages arrive at a sound that's incredibly forward-thinking and fresh.”


“It’s one of the best debut albums I’ve heard here at DownBeat!” – Frank Alyker, Publisher, DownBeat


“True to its title, this debut from 34-year-old New Yorker Brown defies genre. As powerful as it is ambitious.”

– The Guardian


“Jaimeo Brown’s ‘Transcendence’ reaches across genres, generations Brown has delivered one of the most distinctive albums of 2013.” – LA Times


“The album transcends time and form, its various elements blended into a wholly original tapestry.” – JazzTimes


“The drummer, composer and conceptualist fuses acoustic modern jazz with spirituals, blues, rock, hip-hop and even hints of Indian music to create what may well be the best fusion album of 2013.” - Black Grooves


“Jaimeo Brown’s music on Transcendence is among the most mesmerizing ever put down on record in a long time; at least since a musician delved into the heart of the universal cry of pain at the moment of triumph of human endeavor.”

“[A] musical canvas that bursts alive with magical mystical music.” - Latin Jazz Network



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